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How to import Chinese goods in Alibaba

            How to import Chinese goods in Alibaba
To succeed in business, you must find a reasonably priced, stable and secure supplier. For most foreign buyers, Alibaba is one of the most widely used platform.Today, you can easily source products in Alibaba. Although there are still many safe debates about Alibaba,it is still worth trying. If you would like to select a supplier from Alibaba, please check this article. We will walk you through the step-by-step tutorial on how to use Alibaba to find suppliers.
What is the specific step? The following is the Alibaba Purchasing Guide:

1. Search process
The following three methods are the most commonly used search methods in Alibaba platform:

a. Product Search:
Browse under the product category and search for the product you want to buy directly. Search results will show you more than 5000 results, but this method also lacks any information about the product supplier. It is also difficult for you to separate the quality of each product, usually you need to go deeper and understand them.

b. Supplier search
Supplier search is matching your keywords to search the right supplier. Use this option to find products that give you the opportunity to know more suppliers ,they can help you get high quality products at a lower price. Most suppliers can offer OEM services, and you can create your own brand through them. In fact, many of Amazon owner creat their brands in an OEM manner. You can build your own successful brand through OEM.

c. By issuing RFQ
Provide your product information, including price, shipping and payment methods, by posting a purchase request. When you release your needs, there will be many suppliers to contact you to get a quote. Although this seems to be the most appropriate method, it also has the risk of wrong quotes and even false quotes.

2. Contact with the supplier
Once you have selected potential product suppliers, you will need to establish business relation with them and send your requirements.

a. Quote
When you clearly send all requirements to the supplier, you can get quotation from them. When negotiating price with suppliers, you must clearly know the following required information, including price, product image, product details, shipping terms, export terms and minimum order quantity (MOQ), payment methods, etc. This is an important step when using Alibaba.

b. Sample
When you plan to buy from Alibaba, another important step is to request a sample of the product. Samples with low value are usually available for free, but high-priced products usually require you to pay for the sample. In addition, you will also need to pay for air freight fee. It is essential to request a sample of the product, and it is the first step in your purchase of Alibaba.
Sometimes you may need samples from different suppliers, but if you  send these samples individually, you will need a high shipping cost. At this time, you need a Chinese agent to collect all your samples and send them to you with a parcel. In this way, you will save a lot of shipping cost and time.

c. Order product
When the supplier's price, quality, minimum order quantity, product sample, etc all meet your requirements, you can continue to place orders in Alibaba. Of course, in this step, you need to audit the authenticity of the supplier, audit the terms of the contract, confirm the delivery date, and so on. Usually the work of audit is carried out by your Chinese agent so that fraud and intermediaries can be avoided. Be aware that even in Alibaba there is a risk.

d. Payment terms
Payment terms are the most important part of the transaction. Usually ,you need to pay a 30% prepayment before production, and you need to pay the remaining 70% before delivery. When paying, you also need to pay attention to the following factors -
.Avoid transferring money to a private account ,because it is can effected by fraudulent transactions.
.Never pay a 100% deposit in full, only the production process is completed , and then you can paying the remaining 70%.
.Make sure the sample meets your requirements before the goods are produced. The confirmed sample is the guarantee for the correct production. If the supplier incorrectly produces   the product or the quality does not meet the requirements, this is your guarantee to protect your own rights and interests.
.You have to know that Alibaba is only a trading platform. It can't guarantee the security of your order 100%. You must manage the supplier in your own way and protect your order.

3. How to avoid scams in Alibaba?
a. Audit supplier
Whether you are trading on Alibaba or contacting a supplier on Google, reviewing suppliers is necessary. It is difficult to distinguish the true and false of the supplier by the company's page alone. Therefore, it is necessary to audit the supplier's business license, government filing registration, quality control management registration and other information. Once you ignore these steps, there is a risk of being cheated.

b. Beware of middleman
Many suppliers in Alibaba are registered in the name of the factory, but in reality they are not real manufacturers. Strictly speaking, they belong to intermediate traders. Although they advertise that they offer factory prices, they actually have increased their prices above your cost. Find the real manufacturer and you will save a lot of product costs.

c. Verify product authenticity
As a buyer, you must ask the supplier to provide a real sample to you. If it is a large product, you need a Chinese agent to help you confirm the authenticity of the product. Be aware that even if the supplier can send you photos, these photos may have been taken from elsewhere. All you have to do is confirm the authenticity of the product.

d. Control product quality
When production begins, you also need to control the quality of your products. Although the supplier said that the product will be produced according to your requirements, a small production error will cause all your products to fail. These possible mistakes include: wrong size, color chromatic aberration, production process changes, defects in key parts, and so on. In addition, if the product has quality problems is not discovered before shipping, everything will become very complicated once the goods are shipped to your country. So you have to control the quality of the product.

4. Things to remember -
a. When negotiating with Alibaba's suppliers, you must maintain a professional knowledge to get a better offer.
b. Please ensure that all products are consistent with the samples you have confirmed its to ensure product quality.
c. Suppliers must be audit before cooperation to ensure that your suppliers are genuine and avoid scams.
d. When signing a contract with a supplier, the price, trade terms, delivery date, accident handling terms, etc. must be very clear, which is the basis for your maintenance of rights.
e. It is highly recommended that you use Alibaba's Trade Assurance to trade.
f. Once you receive any damaged products, please contact your supplier immediately. If they ignore you, you can ask for help from the online complaints center, and you can even file a complaint with the supplier.


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